Breaking through cultural boundaries.

Double Award Winning Japan Novel

The eLit Gold medal winner Sazzae also picked up a Living Now Book Award. Reading this Japan novel written as a creative thesis at Harvard is “like opening an expensive box of chocolates.”

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Independent Publishers Award Winner

Author Charles Degelman accepted his Independent Publishers Book Award for the Vietnam protest novel Gates of Eden at an award ceremony in New York.

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Planet is Book of the Month

British review ‘The Truth about Books’ voted HSE anthology Voice from the Planet ‘Book of the Month’ calling it a “truly glorious, refreshing and intoxicating” abstract picture of our species.

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Occupy's 1st Bestselling Novel

The Occupy Wall Street movement called Trading Dreams ‘Occupy’s 1st Bestselling Novel’ and co-hosted a book launch with Amnesty International for the humorous financial thriller.

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9780989596015-Perfect.indd "A finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition, Haithman’s hilariously funny novel gives readers a bird’s–eye view of the Hollywood machine and its players. With witty, fast-paced dialogue and characters readers will cheer for, this debut is a deeply satisfying story of love, loss, and acceptance." –Carol Gladstein, Booklist

Degelman Garners His IPPY Award

charles IPPY award (Y)IPPY! Congratulations to Charles Degelman on trekking from LA to New York to pick up his Independent Publisher book award for GATES OF EDEN!

What The Critics Say

…vivid scenes at a kinky sex club on the outskirts of Greenwich Village with references to the bursting economic bubble and the federal government’s bank bailout.
—Publishers Weekly, on Trading Dreams
Winning the silver medal for historical fiction at the Independent Publisher Book Awards this year, Degelman’s GATES OF EDEN is the story of seven young rebellious Americans involved in the anti-Vietnam war and civil rights movements.
—Uprising Radio, Sonali Kolhatkar
This profound coming of age low keyed fantasy is an engaging thought provoking tale starring a fascinating lead character.
Alternative Worlds, on The Conjurer's Boy
How Clements connects the dots between the two fraught relationships is just one of the rewards of this clever and entertaining book.
—Midwest Review, on All at Once
Japanese myth beautifully percolates into the lives of the three young people.
Harvard Independent, on the twice-award-winning novel Sazzae
An incongruous, gorgeous, eclectic mêlée that will open your eyes and mind to the huge potential amongst international authors – you may reach the end with an appreciation of the staid, stagnant state of Western literature and its devices.
—The Truth about Books, which voted Voice from the Planet 'Book of the Month'
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