Baby Making


Baby Making

A Play by Jeanie Keogh

Simon, an earnest ob-gyn medical student, and Laney, a vivacious actress and avid environmentalist are in love, in lust, infatuated, and in trouble. When his sister gets pregnant, Simon proudly celebrates, while Laney struggles, believing that the world as it is at present is not the place for a baby. Simon does not see things the same way. The prognosis: a couple in a crisis of conscience.

Mounted by Thought Bubble Theatre Company in January 2006 in Montreal, Baby Making was picked up by the Summerworks Theatre Festival and performed in Toronto in August 2006 where it was sponsored by the Stratford Festival of Canada and featured as one of four nationally highlighted shows.



Baby Making

By Jeanie Keogh
Release date: January 4, 2018
Genre: Play
Price: $19.95, €19.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-61-5


About the Author

Jeanie Keogh has had stories published in numerous literary magazines. Her play Baby Making was staged at The Geordie Theatre in Montreal and Toronto’s Summerworks’ Theatre Festival.

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