Heir of the Thunderbird

The Heir of the Thunderbird

by May-Britt and Martin Braendstrup


The Heir of the Thunderbird is the first of three books in The Glass People series

At the age of 16, Victoria discovers that maybe the strange condition that causes her bones to break like twigs is not osteoporosis, but a legacy from her late father’s ancestors. However, by then she is already tangled up in an intricate web of old legends and secret organizations.

In order to find out who she really is, she must seek out her father’s family in Canada, and face her Indian ancestry.


The Heir of the Thunderbird

by May-Britt and Martin Braendstrup

Release date: March 9, 2018
Genre: YA/Fiction
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-55-4


Praise for the Danish version of The Glass People series

“It’s time for Indian Mythology and the authors May-Britt and Martin Brændstrup goes at it with a sincerity that clearly shows, that they are somewhat experts when it comes to Indian mythology.
The two writers are not afraid of twisting and turning the myths and legends and by using elements from both the fantasy- and the crimi genres the result is a story, that leaves you glued to the pages.”

—Emil Blichfeldt, Weekendavisen (Danish national newspaper)

“May-Britt and Martin Brændstrups first book about the Glass people tells a rather interesting story, that makes you eager to read the sequel.“

Jacob Stegelmann, Troldspejlet (National Danish television)

“The book targets its audience excellently. The story is well written and easygoing without the usual overload of strange and difficult words known to the genre. The story seems believable and the plot simply sweeps you away. The Indian angle hasn’t been worn out yet, and I found it refreshing to read a story without the usual Vampires, Werewolves an Angels.”

Andrup’s bookshelf (Litterary blogger)

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