Jeanie Keogh

Jeanie Keogh has had stories published in Riddle Fence, Grain, FreeFall, The Puritan, and Matrix magazines. Her story ‘The Offbeat’ won second prize in Broken Pencil’s 2013 Deathmatch contest and her creative non-fiction story ‘The Constant Variable’ received an honourable mention in Room Magazine’s creative non-fiction contest. Her play Baby Making was produced at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto by Summerworks Theatre Festival and also staged at The Geordie Theatre in Montreal. Her articles have appeared in Elle Canada, Today’s Parent, ParentsCanada, Femme D’Aujourd’hui, Herizons, and Together, among others. Her story ‘If At First You Don’t Succeed’ was previously shortlisted for the Vancouver Writers Festival contest and will be published in The Circle, an anthology of fiction from Brussels.

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