Trading Dreams

Trading Dreams

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“Occupy’s 1st Bestselling Novel”

Trading Dreams

by J. L Morin
Harvard Square Editions; 382 pages; August, 2012
paperback; ISBN 978-0983321620

J. L. Morin’s humor unmasks the hypocrisy of life in New York in the days of bank failure and Occupy Wall Street. A new hire, Jerry teeters between acting like a trading floor cyborg and activism battling Wall Street corruption . . . as if she didn’t have enough to worry about hiding from her dark past. For Jerry, New York in its heyday means hanging with the guys, finding nothing but users, and developing a sex addiction. Then the economic crisis descends like a praying mantis devouring its mate at the moment of ecstasy – and the bank sets her up. Not one to let homeowners down or push clients to invest in the stocks the bank is trying to dump, Jerry is convinced she can outsmart the machine. With the help of Occupy Wall Street, she spreads the word through the human microphone. There’s little prospect of finding another job when Jerry blows the whistle . . . This turncoat story by a native Detroit author got rave reviews:

“…vivid scenes at a kinky sex club on the outskirts of Greenwich Village with references to the bursting economic bubble and the federal government’s bank bailout.”

― Publishers Weekly 

“Occupy’s 1st bestselling novel”    

Occupy Virtual Worlds


“…exposing enough greed, hypocrisy, and blatant illegality to make even the least informed reader deliciously angry.”

Harvard Independent 


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“An ideal read for suspense lovers interested in the current financial crisis.”


“No 1 in Amazon’s Political Fiction section…Ms Morin’s book is a fantastic read.”

CNN iReport

“Trading Dreams is an enticing and humorous read, not to be overlooked.”    

― Midwest Book Review

 “Superb fiction with a side of harsh reality and a heaping of humor.”    

Raise The Fist 

“A compelling mystery that is also a story of personal discovery – as well as an in-depth analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the factors that have created our economic kerfuffle.”

Frying Pan News

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