Dark Lady of Hollywood


Product Description

Told through the eyes of TV exec Ken Harrison and the gorgeous Ophelia Lomond, a breathtakingly bad biracial actress whom Ken comes to believe is Hollywood’s answer to Shakespeare’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets, Dark Lady has received rave reviews. Ken Harrison, 36, Vice President of Comedy Development at a Big Three network, was right in the middle of TV’s most desirable demographic: men 18-49. Then misfortune enters stage left, and Ken’s comfortable world is suddenly fraught with shadows and uncertainty.

Ousted from the network’s comedy department, Ken finds solace in his unread, undergrad’s copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare — and discovers Shakespeare’s mysterious Dark Lady of the Sonnets, a 16th century enigma whose identity has baffled scholars for centuries.

Booklist praised Dark Lady’s humor: “A finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition, Haithman’s hilariously funny novel gives readers a bird’s–eye view of the Hollywood machine and its players. With witty, fast-paced dialogue and characters readers will cheer for, this debut is a deeply satisfying story of love, loss, and acceptance.”

ForeWord Reviews also gave the suspense novel a thumbs up: “It takes a special kind of talent to simultaneously skewer Hollywood and Shakespeare while writing a thought-provoking novel, and Dark Lady of Hollywood proves Diane Haithman has this genius.”

Burbankleader.com’s says of Diane, “. . . her book is at once hilarious, sly, cynical, sublimely entertaining and spectacular, crafted with an irreverent flair and an insider’s self-assurance. You absolutely need to purchase a copy — or, as Haithman says, ‘If you buy two copies, it’s twice as funny.’ ”

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