Voice from the Planet

Voice from the Planet


Voted Book of the Monthby British reviewer The Truth about Books

“Spanning continents and cultures, Voice From the Planet taps into an unacknowledged psyche – our literary world. An incongruous, gorgeous, eclectic mêlée that will open your eyes and mind to the huge potential amongst international authors.”

— The Truth about Books


Product Description

Planet is designed to be a conversation as well as a collection of short stories. Love the story, or disagree with something? Drop the author a note . . . The authors’ varied nationalities marks a new era in fiction.”

— ASU News

Award-winning and new authors from Congo to Hollywood join forces in Harvard Square Editions’ second volume of Living Fiction, and are donating the net proceeds from book sales to the Nobel Prize-winning charity Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Featuring the lauded story ‘Consultation’ by Soviet author Ruben Varda about a celestial science class, this book will transport you.

Most anthologies are limited by their themes to a particular town or country, reinforcing entrenched literary nationalism whereby institutionalized literati only appreciate their own. Not Voice from the Planet. This collection of extraordinary voices is unlimited. It will transport you on a globe-trotting adventure from the trauma of African earthquake to a lush glimpse of love in the jungles of Peru.

Break through to war-torn Congo, to American rebellion of the 1960s, to fire dancing in the mountains of Bulgaria, to high finance on 9/11. You’ll find the unexpected wit and intelligence enthralling.

The second in a series of anthologies edited by Harvard alumni, Voice from the Planet is generative, opening a forum where readers and Planet authors can engage in cyberliterary dialogue via the Internet. Readers can take part in the dialogue by emailing the authors and chatting on the web at www.harvardsquareeditions.org

For centuries, much of the world has been excluded from the literary dialogue between the United States and a few Commonwealth Countries, mainly the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Most of the top English-language book prizes are limited by national interests: the Pulitzer Prize for fiction goes strictly to American authors, preferably ones writing about American life; the Orange Prize is limited to U.K. authors; and only Commonwealth Country citizens are eligible for the Man Booker Prize.

Likewise, most anthologies are limited in their themes to a particular country or town, reinforcing this entrenched literary nationalism. A rich canon of international literature has been denied to many English-speaking readers.

Enter the Information Age. The cyber apocalypse, a communication revolution. The thirty authors from around the globe gathered here in Voice from the Planet have been interacting via the world wide web in an effort to bring you a new, Living Fiction.

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