David Laudau Named HSE’s Editor-in-Chief

David Landau took over as Harvard Square Editons’ Editor-in-Chief today. David graduated from Harvard College where he wrote and published a political portrait of Henry Kissinger. The first book-length treatment of its enigmatic subject, Landau’s Kissinger: The Uses of Power created an immediate furor in the U.S., going on to appear in Great Britain, Japan, Spain and China (where millions of people read it in a government-sponsored pirate edition). The New Republic, in a 1992 review, called it “the best of the books” about Kissinger.

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Publishers Weekly on Harvard Square Editions

Publishers Weekly Harvard Square Editions: A Publishing House Run by Alumni
By Judith Rosen 

…Not only does HSE operate on a shoe-string budget out of staffers’ homes, but those apartments and houses are scattered throughout the U.S., South America, and Europe. So it wasn’t until last summer’s publication party for Voice from the Planet that many founding members of HSE met for the first time in person. They gathered in France for a joint reading at Village Voice Bookshop in Paris…”  

…and Harvard Square Editions has just put out three new novels: Travelling Light by J. L. Morin, Patchwork by Dan Loughry, and A Weapon To End War by Jonathan Ross!

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HSE-published short story adapted to award-winning screenplay

Hey, folks,

In 2009, Harvard Square Editions published a short story titled “The Crash” in Above Ground, HSE’s first globe-trotting, short-fiction anthology.

In 2010, the author transformed “The Crash” into a feature-film script called THE RED CAR. This adaption just appeared on the finalist list for Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition.

An excerpt (Act One) of THE RED CAR can be found here.

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NYC’s MidCity News Talks about Spiders and Flies

Reel Talks’ Scott Adlerberg Publishes Novel.

Regulars at Bryant Park’s Reel Talks, the series of Word for Word chats about movies screened at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, know that program host Scott Adlerberg is passionate and knowledgeable about movies. He is also a writer whose most recent novel Spiders and Flies, a harrowing psychological thriller set in Martinique. Atmospheric, suspenseful, and darkly comic, Spiders and Flies will keep you awake at night, and not only because you won’t be able to put it down. Image Credit: Angelito Jusay.

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Midwest Book Review gives Planet Thumbs Up

Voice from the Planet
Charles Degelman, editor
Harvard Square Editions
79 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
9780615367323, $14.95,

All over the world, lives are changing and they change in many different ways. “Voice from the Planet: An Anthology of Living Fiction” is a collection of short fiction that goes through all genres and concerns, from the realistic to the fantastical to the coming of age to the war story. A grand variety pack of tales, Charles Degelman puts together a fascinating collection that will never stop entertaining. “Voice from the Planet” is a solid volume, not to be missed.

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Rave Review

Voice from the Planet, by Various

“Sincere, credible and authentic – this is a truly global piece of literature…” The Truth about Books

This anthology of 30 short stories from across the globe comprises the many and varied works of authors who came together via the internet to form a truly unique experience for the reader. From award winning authors to complete unknowns; just as the anthology does not discriminate geographically, is it not prohibitive to the unpublished author.

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Paris book talk, cocktail and dinner

Paris book talk at the Village Voice Bookstore, cocktail and dinner at “Les Editeurs” was a great success! About fifty people came out to enjoy springtime in Paris with Above Ground and Voice from the Planet anthology authors. Watch the videos!

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European Book Launch

Harvard Square Editions

HSE launched ABOVE GROUND at Waterstone’s Bookstore with guests from the Harvard, Yale and Princeton Clubs, & alums from Oxford & the Fletcher School.

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HSE Affiliated with Harvardwood

HSE is Affiliated with Harvardwood and has extended its reach to Harvardwood members in NY, Boston, SF, and LA.

Kelley Johnson, Director of Harvardwood L.A. wrote:

“Harvardwood is pleased to offer its members the possibility of publishing their short fiction and novel excerpts thought its alliance with Harvard Square Editions, an independent short-fiction publisher run by Harvard alumni…” more

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Ground Hog Day Missive

Dear Readers, Authors, Friends, and Colleagues,

HSE invites you to make something out of Groundhog Day!

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Pulitzer Prize

Did you know that there are only about 160 titles entered per category for the Pulitzer Prize? Categories are Fiction, Biography, General Non-Fiction, History, and Poetry. Pulitzer Prizes tend to be awarded to works about America. Beware: the deadline is in early October. If the book will not be published until October, November or December should be submitted in galley or page-proof form by October.

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Academy System

Trade publications and the academy system they represent are being outstripped by independent publishers in an unprecedented flattening of the publishing industry like what just happened in the music industry.

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