Geoffrey Fox

Geoffrey Fox’s story “On a Page from Rilke” appears in HSE’s Above Ground anthology. He has published a novel and many stories including the short-story collection Welcome to My Contri. His nonfiction books include Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics and the Constructing of Identity (U. Arizona Press); The Land and People of Argentina (HarperCollins); The Land and People of Venezuela (HarperCollins); Working Class Émigrés from Cuba (Ph.D. dissertation and book); and Gabriel García Márquez’s 100 Years of Solitude (Monarch Notes).

Born in Chicago, Geoffrey graduated from Harvard in 1963, and then worked in Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America as a community developer and researcher/writer. He earned a Ph.D. in sociology, Northwestern University, 1975, and taught at universities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Since September 2006. He advises his Venezuelan colleague and alter ego Baltasar Lotroyo on his fiction in Spanish and lives in Spain with his compañera, Argentine-born architect Susana.

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