Paula Brancato

Paula Brancato is an award-winning fiction writer, poet and filmmaker, and is on faculty at the University of Southern California. Paula was a May Swenson and Holland Prize finalist and has won the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry, the Brushfire Poet Award, first prize Chester H. Jones Foundation, the Karlovy Vary film festival award, National Screenwriters Award, Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Organization of Black Screenwriters, SCIFF Family Focus and WINFEMME awards. She has been a Sundance finalist twice. Paula has been published in HSE’s Voice from the Planet, Mudfish, Georgetown Review, Litchfield Review, Southern California Anthology, Rattle, and Natchez Anthology, among others.

Finishing Line Press published her second chapbook Painting Cities in  2010. Poet Ilya Kaminsky selected Paula’s first chapbook, Dar a Luz, for publication by the Pacific Reveiw. Paula has studied with poets Mary Stewart Hammond, Jill Hoffman and Philip Schultz in NY. She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School and Hunter College.

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