Wickham Boyle

Wickham Boyle, known as Wicki, wears many hats: journalist, writer, finance consultant and theater producer. She writes about the arts, finance, parenting and travel for The New York Times, Savoy, National Geographic, Budget Travel, and Downtown Express. She was one of the founders of CODE Magazine, and editor-in-chief of THRIVE. Her short story, “Don’t Think You’re Calling Too Much,” appeared in HSE’s Voice from the Planet. Her essays can be heard on the AARP radio stations during their Prime Time show.

Boyle was executive director of La MaMa Theater and produced over 60 shows during her tenure there. Her 2001 book, A Mother’s Essays From Ground Zero garnered excellent reviews and raised over $20,000 for schools closed downtown. It was adapted to an opera, titled CALLING: an Opera of Forgiveness. She has lived in TriBeCa since 1977 and holds an MBA from Yale University. For more info: www.wickworld.com.

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