Living Treasures by Yang Huang Living Treasures by Yang Huang

Living Treasures by Yang Huang

Living Treasures by Yang Huang

Living Treasures, by Yang Huang

Harvard Square Editions 2014

Nautilus Award Winner

nautilus award

Gold Medal: Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Multicultural Fiction; A top 3 historical novel of 2014; Living Now Book Award Medalist; Bellwether Prize and INDIEFAB finalist; Yang’s 2nd novel is this year’s Juniper Prize Winner and was published by University of Massachusetts Press



A woman can have a career and family, but which comes first?

A starving panda eats a hen in order to nurse her cub in the dead of winter—there begins the perilous adventure of Gu Bao, a girl who grows up under the Chinese government’s one-child policy. Bao falls in love with a handsome soldier during the tumultuous Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. The demonstrations transfix her fellow students and kill one of her friends. Bao finds herself pregnant and faces the end of her academic career. Her grieving parents arrange for a secret abortion and ship her off to her grandparents’ house in the remote countryside where she was raised.

Bao searches for her inner strength while exploring the evocative Sichuan mountain landscape. She befriends a panda mother caught in a poacher’s snare, and an expectant young mother hiding from villainous one-child policy enforcers bent on giving compulsory abortions. All struggle against society to preserve the treasure of their little ones. Can Bao save a rural family from destruction, and help a giant panda along the way? She devises a daring plan that changes the lives of everyone around her.


B&N Hillsdale

Author Signing Barnes and Noble Hillsdale
Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 11:00am – 2:00pm

B&N Blossom Hill

Book Signing at Barnes and Noble Blossom Hill
Saturday, March 21, 2015
1:00pm 4:00pm
Barnes and Noble Blossom Hill
Join author Yang Huang for a signing of her book Living Treasures, a gripping page-turner and an incisive social critique.

Read my blog: Sex Is a Lesson about Life.

Join author Yang Huang for a signing of her book Living Treasures, a gripping page-turner and an incisive social critique, portraying a young woman’s quest for romance and justice in a rigid society.

Book launch Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PST) Food, drinks, and prizes:
Green Apple Books, 506 Clement St., San Francisco, CA 94118

Dec. 6: San Francisco Public Library (bilingual talk)

Book talk: Hercules Book Club, Saturday, January 10, 2015
1:00pm 5:00pm, Yang will talk about Living Treasures with Hercules Book Club hosted by Christine Nadeau.

21st Annual Festival of Women Authors, Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 9:30am – 3:00pm, HS Lordships Restaurant , Berkeley Marina
Eliminating racism, empowering women, YWCA Berkeley/Oakland

Feb. 7: Reading at Barnes and Noble San Jose, Stevens Creek, San Jose, Saturday, February 7, 2015, 1:00pm 3:00pm

Feb. 9: Book talk at Albany library

Saturday, May 23, 2015, San Jose Public Library, 10:00am 3:00pm

A deeply moving story of family, passion, and courage, Living Treasures is both a gripping page-turner and an incisive social critique, portraying a young woman’s quest for romance and justice in a rigid society. Bao, a law student, aspires to have both a career and family, but which comes first? A baby rarely arrives at a convenient time. The decision about the woman’s body is not an easy choice but rather a compromise that comes with a dear price. Bao’s struggle encapsulates many women’s journeys through life, as they experience the triumphs, suffer the heartbreaks, and learn to live with the consequences.


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“Living Treasures is a book that breaks your heart, and then mends it with hope. Best book I’ve read this year.”

—Jiayu Jeng, KTSF Channel 26 Talk Tonight host


Living Treasures is nothing short of spectacular; especially for readers who want a story steeped in Chinese culture, tradition, and politics but cemented by a powerful young woman who emerges as a savior to others.”

Midwest Book Review

“The personal and the political merge in Yang Huang’s debut novel about a college student in post-Cultural Revolution China. Gu Bao negotiates the shifting landscape of a country still struggling toward modernity, as China’s education system, family planning policies and the deaths of her fellow students in Tiananmen Square sometimes push her to desperate measures. The story moves from city life to the rural home of Bao’s grandparents, acquiring an epic feel in a compact length.”

San Jose Mercury News


“True to life . . . focuses refreshingly on the human spirit”

Library Journal


“Huang does an admirable job balancing Bao’s individual story against the canvas of China’s evolution using crisply drawn characters who reveal their layers as the story progresses. A knotty, engaging novel of China’s recent history.”



“Huang’s winning novel is more than another work of historical fiction. Living Treasures is endearing, extraordinarily moving, and its timely message about life makes it a must read for young and old readers alike.”

San Francisco Book Review


Living Treasures

by Yang Huang

A law student finds out what it feels like to be an endangered species

Release date: October 23, 2014
Genre: Fiction, Multicultural, Suspense
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9895960-5-3



“A deeply human and sympathetic portrait of people living as best they can in an imperfect society”

Foreword Book Review

“The novel is itself a treasure. . . . All of the characters are rich and complex. Huang writes in such a way that the reader sympathizes with each one. This isn’t easy to do, but she’s done it well. . . . The theme is love and it circles round and back to it again and again. Bravo! I recommend this to others.”

—Marlene Thomasson, The Ocean Observer


“Living Treasures is a gripping and extraordinary historical and cultural novel that declares author Yang Huang as a talented, master storyteller.”

—Aditi Saha, BookStopCorner


“Living Treasures is real, stunning, heartbreaking and intense . . . . If you read one book this year, consider this one—it’s full of real, achievable, human magic—you might even learn something too.”

—Jessica Highstead, Bookphile


Living Treasures is a treasure. Sensual, brave and relevant, the book takes you to a place in China that few of us have ever experienced. I couldn’t put it down.”

—Patricia Harman, author of The Midwife of Hope River

“This is a very well written and very touching story.”


—Roberto Mattos, Books and Movies Reviews

“The use of metaphor and symbolism is strong throughout the story, with many images of babies, mothers, and the visceral realities of life and survival. The theme of women’s bodies not always being their own is prominent.”

—School Library Journal


“The novel offers an incisive fictional account of the perils of Chinese motherhood in all of its contemporary manifestations.”

—Stephen Sohn, Asian American Literature Fans


“I feel like I have unearthed another hidden gem!”

—Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender


“Huang’s measured yet evocative novel heightens Bao’s journey from timid student to defiant adversary in the midst of personal and political upheaval….This title has been recommended for young adult readers: YA/Mature Readers: Older teens and new adults will likely identify with Bao’s coming-of-age, despite its unique circumstances.”

—Sarah Hunter, Booklist


Living Treasures is a poignant and fascinating exploration of how we shape and are shaped by the events and environments that choose us.”

—Amy Glynn, the award winning poet
and author of The Modern Herbal


“Yang Huang is a born storyteller. Her luminous tale of one woman’s struggles with love, cultural repression and the forces of nature is also the greater story of a country on the brink of transformation.”

—Clare Willis, the author of Once Bitten


“Living Treasures paints a lyrical and compelling picture of a young woman’s tumultuous journey from the remote mountains of Sichuan province to the barricades of Tiananmen Square and back again, putting her own life on the line to challenge China’s one-child policy.”

—John Byrne Barry, author of Bones in the Wash


“Like a young Alice Munro, Yang Huang—authoritative, compassionate, and witty—has a gift for creating characters whose actions, for good or evil, can take even themselves by surprise. Living Treasures is a suspenseful, soul-satisfying novel by an impeccable storyteller. I eagerly await her next book.”

—Elizabeth Evans, the author of The Blue Hour


“Living Treasures explores love against a backdrop of oppression in 1989 China. . . . Yang rightly keeps the plot focused on the human side of the nation-changing events taking place in the background of life-changing situations faced by the characters. . . . With the national, political, and cultural setting involved here, this would be a thought-provoking read for high school students, particularly if they are guided by a knowledgeable teacher.”

—Bill Wolfe, Read Her Like An Open Book


“Yang Huang has written a wonderful first novel. Bao is a complex and appealing character whose harrowing journey through 1989 rural China is told in quietly poetic language that illuminates and reveals. I did not want this book to end.”

—Elizabeth Graver, author of The End of the Point


“In Living Treasures, Bao is a first year law student living untouched within the bubble of her parents’ expectations when she falls in love with a young soldier, Tong, and finds herself pregnant. With this, she starts her journey, which will drive her to make hard choices. Part myth, part fairy tale, yet completely realistic in its depiction of daily life in China, this is the beautiful and unique coming of age story of a young woman at a moment of history in which her personal journey flows together with that of her generation, a journey of self-determination.”

—C.E. Poverman, author of Love by Drowning



About the Author:

Born and raised in mainland China, Huang was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Living Treasures is Huang’s debut novel. She is represented by Barbara Braun and has had short stories and a feature-length screenplay published in literary magazines including the Asian Pacific American Journal, The Evansville Review, Futures, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, Nuvein, and Stories for Film. Huang works as a computer engineer for U. C. Berkeley and a writer by vocation. She came to the U.S. shortly after taking part in the 1989 student movement. Find out more about Yang at www.yanghuang.com



Author Bio

Yang Huang grew up in Jiangsu, China and came to the US to study computer science. While working as an engineer, she studied literature and pursued writing, her passion since childhood. Yang’s 2nd novel, My Old Faithful, is this year’s Juniper Prize Winner and will be published by University of Massachusetts Press. Her debut novel Living Treasures is a Pen/Bellwether Prize finalist and a Top Ten Historical Novel of 2014 at Foreword Reviews.

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Stained Stained




Abda Khan

Launch events and readings

6 October Gatsby Books Long Beach 3pm

31 October Bluestockings bookshop New York

5 November PACC Milpitas CA

Selina, a beautiful, British-born Pakistani young woman recently lost her father, and finds herself struggling to cope with life, in particular with some aspects of her studies. Matters go from bad to worse, when a trusted family friend from the mosque offers to tutor her, and rapes her instead. With the threat of dishonour to her family at her back, Selina goes to extreme lengths to avoid scandal, and prevent shame being brought to her widowed mother’s door. It will take all the strength and courage Selina can muster when her life travels down a dangerous path, from which there may be no return…




by Abda Khan
Release date: October 3, 2016
Genre: Crime, Romance, Thriller
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1941861325


‘True Honour Award’ Honouree

“loaded with painful lessons from the contemporary immigrant experience”

The Weekly Voice


“Khan has written a contemporary Tess of the D’Urbervilles, a heart-wrenching and engrossing tale that challenges the definition of morality through the story of a wronged young woman fighting to come to terms with harsh realities and finding empowerment along the way.”

Booklist, Caitlin Brown


“The depiction of how a conservative community, emotional blackmail, and rape culture all lead to an intelligent young woman to not report her sexual assault is realistic and therefore upsetting. But what I enjoyed most about this novel was how ultimately, the story was about Selina’s strength and growth as a survivor. The title and (current) book cover may not indicate this, but Selina emerges a stronger person out of this ordeal. In the end, she refuses to allow her life to be defined by the men around her, whether they are positive or negative influences in it. She wants to carve out a life of her own and define its parameters herself. This feminist message strengthens the story and provides an important perspective.”

Read Diverse Books


“One of the things I love in stories about Muslim women is when they are actually by Muslim women. I really liked this book, both for how it delicately addressed taboos and for the fact that it adds to a body of work where Muslim voices and narratives are lacking. Stained is a gripping read. 10/10 would read again.”



“…this book is so important; diverse read; hard-hitting, emotionally-charged subject matter; super short, but SO SO heavy; Selina’s story is one of strength and poise in the face of adversity, of finding yourself despite the darkness threatening to swallow you; this book touched me deeply.”

Betwixt These Pages


“This book was a page turner! Totally gripping, and inspiring.”

—Dr Sana Rashid, New Jersey, USA

“Stained examines the pressures of cultural taboos and sensitivities faced by women in society, and how they affect their life profoundly. Ultimately, it explores human endurance in the face of extreme adversity, and the extent to which, eventually, one is left with nothing but hope. The plot and characters draw the reader in from the very first page. Abda Khan has skilfully produced a novel that is both compelling and thought-provoking. A thoroughly captivating book.”

—Julian Knight, former BBC Journalist, Member of the British Parliament


Stained draws readers in with the effortless combination of an intense storyline that is tinged with elements of the unexpected. Khan’s skillful characterisation facilitates a relationship with the heroine, and allows the reader to become immersed in her world….The narrative is fast-paced, the storyline is gripping, and the characters are engaging. The novel tackles many pressing cultural, social and moral issues that are prevalent in the Pakistani/Muslim and other Asian communities in Britain today, particularly pertaining to the position and rights of women. Khan’s masterful characterisation and dramatic plot lend an eloquent voice to women who currently do not have a voice at all, and expose the traumatic abuse faced by women in many cultures.”

Asian Lite


“Whoever picks up this novel will witness the horrifying build up to sexual abuse, and all through a victim’s perspective….Stained is a vitally important novel for the British Asian community. It unearths truths that have long simmered beneath the surface, and Abda Khan is extremely brave to bring them to light.”



“The author does an amazing job with positioning us inside the perspective of a victim. A lot of times, people, assume that a survivor of rape doesn’t go through anything else. We often ignore the fact that it is a everlasting trauma that reoccurs and can be triggered by so many things”



“An inspiring and empowering story about a young British Muslim girl’s determination for independence and self-regulation. Selina’s story is captivating, with so many twists and turns that I read it in one sitting!”

—Mrs Rehana Hanif, Yorkshire, UK – Reviewer


“Stained, no doubt, is a voice for women, loud and clear, from highlighting the unfair treatment of daughters, to disregarding of girls rights to education and most importantly to their consent in all its forms. Selina, goes on to achieve the unthinkable in this story by fighting for her name on her own, and in the end clearing her name of the dishonor that had befallen her.”



“Selina is a superb character – very easy to like and empathise with, and her voice feels completely natural and real. I also love the way Abda has woven in the various strands about culture and identity, and the cultural clash that takes place in the homes and hearts of South Asian families in Britain. The differing viewpoints of Selina and her mother come across very sharply, but with a warmth that’s often lacking. I found the story to be dark and shocking in places, but this only added to my enjoyment of it. Stained showcases what, for me, is the often almost hopeless reality of life for so many girls, and the ending, although sad, is refreshingly honest and real. I love that it’s set in Bradford and Brum, and that Abda has left no stone unturned, especially in dealing with patriarchy and the predatory nature of some men. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

—Bali Rai, celebrated British Asian teenage fiction author of Dream On, selected for the Book Trust’s inaugural Booked Up list


“Lawyer and author Abda Khan will tell you she has no professional training as a writer, but real life experience proved more than enough preparation for her debut novel, Stained.”

—Anokhi Media


Shaktistri Interview with Abda Khan

Ravi Magazine Interview with Abda Khan

Yorkshire Post Interview with Abda Khan

Article by Abda Khan


News: “The threats and abuse outspoken Pakistani women receive” — BBC

Abda Khan’s web site



Author Bio

In 2017, the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation named Abda Khan a ‘True Honour Award’ Honouree for her work, including Stained (HSE 2016), her debut novel. She has also been shortlisted for the Asian Women of Acheivement Award 2017. Born to Pakistani immigrant parents, Abda Khan was the first child in her family to go on to higher education. She is a lawyer with her own practice.

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Heir of the Thunderbird Heir of the Thunderbird

Heir of the Thunderbird

Heir of the Thunderbird

The Heir of the Thunderbird

by May-Britt and Martin Braendstrup


The Heir of the Thunderbird is the first of three books in The Glass People series

At the age of 16, Victoria discovers that maybe the strange condition that causes her bones to break like twigs is not osteoporosis, but a legacy from her late father’s ancestors. However, by then she is already tangled up in an intricate web of old legends and secret organizations.

In order to find out who she really is, she must seek out her father’s family in Canada, and face her Indian ancestry.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Heir of the Thunderbird by May-Britt Brændstrup

Heir of the Thunderbird

by May-Britt Brændstrup

Giveaway ends March 10, 2018.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

“If you like magic, supernatural phenomena and the struggle between good and evil, then this book is heartily recommended. It is exciting and captivating, and even though I did not know much about Native American culture, I learned much on the way and found it all interesting. The story is well written, and the pages almost turn over by themselves. There are good descriptions of Canada’s wildlife and the places that Victoria and Beate visits, and you can almost feel the cold winter’s breath against the skin and taste the frosty air in your lungs.”



The Heir of the Thunderbird

by May-Britt and Martin Braendstrup
Release date: March 9, 2018
Genre: YA/Fiction
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-55-4


Praise for the Danish version of The Glass People series

“It’s time for Indian Mythology and the authors May-Britt and Martin Brændstrup goes at it with a sincerity that clearly shows, that they are somewhat experts when it comes to Indian mythology. The two writers are not afraid of twisting and turning the myths and legends and by using elements from both the fantasy- and the crimi genres the result is a story, that leaves you glued to the pages.”

—Emil Blichfeldt, Weekendavisen (Danish national newspaper)

“May-Britt and Martin Brændstrups first book about the Glass people tells a rather interesting story, that makes you eager to read the sequel.“

Jacob Stegelmann, Troldspejlet (National Danish television)


Praise for the Danish version of The Chrystal Throne series

“The book targets its audience excellently. The story is well written and easygoing without the usual overload of strange and difficult words known to the genre. The story seems believable and the plot simply sweeps you away. The Indian angle hasn’t been worn out yet, and I found it refreshing to read a story without the usual Vampires, Werewolves an Angels.”

Andrup’s bookshelf (Litterary blogger)

Other books in the series

The Crystal Throne

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Love and Famine Love and Famine

Love and Famine

Love and Famine

Love and Famine

A true-fiction, historical novel by Han-ping Chin


A 9th-grader, Dapeng Liu, greets the 1949 communist victory in China with awe and confusion. While trying to shed old traditions and fit into the revolution, he’s constantly caught between incomprehensible reality and his conscience. Amid his struggles with shifting political dictates, academic and financial adversity, purges, a broken marriage, and loneliness, he learns to swim in the stormy sea of Mao’s first decades in power. As his professional achievement and ideological remolding win Party favor, he quietly maps a path to a brighter future and his lost love.  One of the readers dubbed it “The Chinese Dr. Zhivago.”

This coming of age story set in China from 1949-1965 during the Mao Zedong Era portrays a fate inextricably intertwined with the way Chinese people lived during the formative stage of modern China. Han-ping Chin’s historical autobiography fills the niche left by Ha Jin, winner of the National Book Award, and other modern Chinese writers.



Love and Famine

by Han-ping Chin
Release date: September 8, 2017
Genre: True Fiction, Immigrant Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-45-5


Praise for Love and Famine

“One should add ‘Politics’ to the two abstractions of the title, for Chin’s fictional world is infused with the cultural and personal consequences of Mao’s Great Leap Forward…. Because the author is an engineer who’s lived in the U.S. since 1978, the novel has a particularly autobiographical feel. Both epic and personal, this novel chronicles two decades of love, loss, history, and culture—and the complex tensions that arise from these forces—during the turbulent Mao era.”


“Set during the turbulent years of Mao Zedong’s rise and into the Great Leap Forward, Love and Famine is a rich and detailed look at the lives of both Chinese intellectuals and peasants alike. Han-Ping Chin’s autobiographical novel offers a glimpse into the way the Chinese lived during the formative years of China’s communist regime…. Dapeng’s struggles and slow rise to triumph pull the reader along hoping for a semblance of a happy ending in the face of the near-insurmountable hardships surrounding him. A fascinating look at life during the Great Leap Forward, and a fine addition to the study and literature of the period.”

Historical Novel Society

Love and Famine
at the New Delhi World Book Fair

…carrying in the books

About the Author

Han-ping Chin was born in Wuhan and driven by Japanese troops to South China, where he spent his childhood in an abandoned coalmine district, a place of poverty, plagues, and superstition. He survived the war and the diseases it spread, while five of his siblings died. From 1956 to 1978, he worked as an engineer stabilizing tunnels and dams. Traveling through the provinces and living at various construction sites, he came know the people in all parts of China. In an era when propaganda replaced entertainment and friendships turned into political liabilities, he spent most of my spare time alone with the Chinese classics.

He came to the US as one of the first 52 PRC exchange scholars in 1978. Later, he received his PhD from the Mechanical Engineering Department at UC Berkeley, and registered as a civil engineer in California. Exposed to Western society and history that was heavily censored in China, he was forced to face the emotions, feelings, and memories of his earlier life that he’d thought long-since extinguished. An urge to offer a glimpse of an ancient, vanishing world to Western readers and younger generations of Chinese has lured him from his engineering profession. He’s been writing for the past thirty years, and his short stories have appeared in The Partisan Review and Willow Springs.


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All At Once by Alisa Clements
All at Once All at Once

All at Once

All at Once

$20.00 Add to cart

“Love triangles, international adventure, psychic awareness, evil plans for world domination. All At Once will not let you put it down! A beautifully rendered novel.” – Faulkner Fox, author, Dispatches from a Not-So-Perfect Life

Desperate to escape the tedium of small island life, Florian finds himself drawn to Zar, not realizing how thoroughly her unconventional spirit will challenge his beliefs. The arrival of Emily relieves some of the tension that exists between the two, but hidden agendas provide new sources of conflict as the three characters discover each other and themselves. Elsewhere in the space-time continuum, Jo, an American in Brazil, stumbles upon an anarchist theater group studying the Outernet, a plane of paranormal consciousness that functions as a global communications system. As her latent psychic talents emerge, Jo is drawn into a high-stakes battle to escape the constriction of the ego and overthrow a totalitarian consortium. All at Once constructs an Escher-like world of illusion and exquisite detail, where lost identities surface in unexpected places. The novel invites the reader to new heights of awareness by leading them nowhere and everywhere at once, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Read an excerpt of All at Once.

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Love’s Affliction Love’s Affliction

Love’s Affliction

Love’s Affliction


Love’s Affliction

Nautilus Award winner

Reviewers Choice Award winner

Indie Fab Book of the Year Finalist

Joseph Fafa of Nigeria has high hopes when he begins his premed studies at a North Carolina College. But his love for the beautiful and talented daughter of a prestigious Southern family threatens to destroy his dreams of becoming a doctor. Will he escape the power of an irate father and hold onto his youthful love, a flare of illumination sparked amidst the clash between two cultures?

Love’s Affliction braves the limits of romantic love, overcoming barriers, and pondering how the dreams of our youth can temper and deepen our foundations.


Love's Affliction

by Fidelis O. Mkparu

A tale of love and acceptance

Release date: March 17, 2015
Genre: Fiction, Multicultural
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-00-4



Praise for Love’s Affliction

“An exceptionally well crafted work, Love’s Affliction is an engaging and extraordinary multi-cultural novel that documents author Fidelis O. Mkparu as a talented, first class storyteller. Love’s Affliction is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and would prove to be a valued addition to community library Contemporary Fiction collections.”

Midwest Book Review


“Loves Affliction is a poignant and emotional story of young love as it transforms from friendship to forbidden love, despite the cultural and racial barriers dictated by society.”

—Laurie Bedigian, Detroit Daytime Talkshow Examiner


“The magnetism between the lovers is immediate and strong. Mkparu does a stellar job not only developing their individual personas, but then also incorporating them within an intense need-based relationship. Mkparu underpins a constant theme of racism amid alternating scenes largely between Joseph and Wendy, but also covering other aspects of Joseph’s life as well. One striking aspect is the cultural differences between the lovers. For example, Joseph understands bigotry from a religious standpoint, because he has lived through civil war (between Muslims and Christians), plus has lost loved ones in the process. That said, Joseph has a totally different perception of the phrase “Campus Crusade,” compared to what Wendy acknowledges as a Christian revival service. A must-read, Love’s Affliction is an exceptionally gripping and poignant story. While intense throughout, there is resolution – and not quite what one may expect!”

San Francisco Book Review


“The brilliance of Mkparu’s novel is in its exploration of our humanity and the frailty of even the brightest of us. He tantalizes the reader all the way, teasing and tossing both wisdom and seduction with ease. It’s destined to be a landmark in the African migrant literature…. A reader will never look at an African migrant again and not wonder what he or she has gone through. It will leave the reader with greater sympathy for the African migrant long after he or she has put down this book. For the migrant reading it, he or she will find reasons to cheer for Mkparu has brought his or her story home. If you love great country music, you will love this book.”

—Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo, Sahara Reporters


“…the novel casts an eloquent and shameful spotlight on Southern attitudes toward interracial involvement.”

Foreword Reviews

“Love’s Affliction is a must-read book. It is part of a growing African migrant literature produced in the United States and dealing with important themes such as student-life abroad, love, romance, and cross-racial or cross-cultural encounters. The writing is very alluring and compelling, revealing the sophisticated nature of a new type of African literature from the United States.”

—Babacar M’Baye, PhD, Kent State University, author of
The Trickster Comes West

“Finally, a love story that touches the hearts of not just Africans, but all people who have traveled to a foreign land, in search of a better life.”

—Ngo Okafor, Actor, Model, Writer


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Love's Affliction by Fidelis O. Mkparu

Love’s Affliction

by Fidelis O. Mkparu

Giveaway ends December 14, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

About the Author


back of book 1


Fidelis O. Mkparu was born in Onitsha, Nigeria. He was a recipient of Reader’s Digest Scholarship. A Harvard-trained cardiologist, he has published peer-reviewed scientific papers and review articles in major journals, and written articles for lay people on medical issues. He was inducted into Paul Dudley White Honor Society by Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, where he was a Spaulding fellow. He lives in Canton, Ohio.

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Voice from the Planet
Voice from the Planet Voice from the Planet

Voice from the Planet

Voice from the Planet

Voice from the Planet

Award-winning and new authors from Congo to Hollywood join forces in Harvard Square Editions’ second volume of Living Fiction, and are donating the net proceeds from book sales to the Nobel Prize-winning charity Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Featuring the lauded stories ‘The Vale of Cashmere‘ by Sean Elder and ‘Consultation’ by Soviet author Ruben Varda about a celestial science class, this book will transport you.

Most anthologies are limited by their themes to a particular town or country, reinforcing entrenched literary nationalism whereby institutionalized literati only appreciate their own. Not Voice from the Planet. This collection of extraordinary voices is unlimited. It will transport you on a globe-trotting adventure from the trauma of African earthquake to a lush glimpse of love in the jungles of Peru.

Break through to war-torn Congo, to American rebellion of the 1960s, to fire dancing in the mountains of Bulgaria, to high finance on 9/11. You’ll find the unexpected wit and intelligence enthralling.

The second in a series of anthologies edited by Harvard alumni, Voice from the Planet is generative, opening a forum where readers and Planet authors can engage in cyberliterary dialogue via the Internet. Readers can take part in the dialogue by emailing the authors and chatting on the web at www.harvardsquareeditions.org

Consultation‘ by Ruben Varda, a Brussels-based, former Soviet author



Voice from the Planet

by Various, including Sean Elder, Alisa Clements, Ruben Varda, Joel Willans, Paula Brancato, Susan Lindheim
Release date: June 15, 2017
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Literary
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-34-9


Voted Book of the Monthby British reviewer The Truth about Books

“Spanning continents and cultures, Voice From the Planet taps into an unacknowledged psyche – our literary world. An incongruous, gorgeous, eclectic mêlée that will open your eyes and mind to the huge potential amongst international authors.”

—The Truth about Books

“Planet is designed to be a conversation as well as a collection of short stories. Love the story, or disagree with something? Drop the author a note . . . The authors’ varied nationalities marks a new era in fiction.”

ASU News

For centuries, much of the world has been excluded from the literary dialogue between the United States and a few Commonwealth Countries, mainly the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Most of the top English-language book prizes are limited by national interests: the Pulitzer Prize for fiction goes strictly to American authors, preferably ones writing about American life.

Likewise, most anthologies are limited in their themes to a particular country or town, reinforcing this entrenched literary nationalism. A rich canon of international literature has been denied to many English-speaking readers.

Enter the Information Age. The cyber apocalypse, a communication revolution. The thirty authors from around the globe gathered here in Voice from the Planet have been interacting via the world wide web in an effort to bring you a new, Living Fiction.




18348 - doctor with child small YouTube








Photo © Francesco Zizola / Noor


Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Nobel Prize winning charity Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971.

Today, MSF provides aid in nearly 60 countries to people whose survival is threat-ened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from healthcare, or natural disasters.

Table of Contents:


The Ground beneath My Feet by Paul-Anthony Delor

Dark Lady of Hollywood by Diane Haithman

Consultation by Ruben Varda

Gates of Eden by Charles Degelman

Under the Poinciana Tree by Carlos Victoria

The Vale of Cashmere by Sean Elder

A Cultural Revolution by Teresa Hsiao

Patchwork by Dan Loughry

Sunflower by Susan Lindheim

Estella and the Gringo by Joel Willans

A Date with the Unknown by Eitan Olevsky

Polis by J. L. Morin

The Fire Dancer by Maria Pavlova

Your Mother by Alisa Clements

Frenching My Sister by Jay Boyer

Marion Terry, who might have been a singer . . . by Vivien Jones

Lily Dale Assembly by Sharon Dilworth

A Dream at the End of the World by Ben Cheetham

Boisterous Devotion by D.E. Tingle

Jameson’s Letters by B.R. Bonner

I’m Prudence by Joanne Groshardt

Bucktown by Dave Woods

The Catalytic Seduction of Brian White by Andrew Binks

Learning to Crawl by Ben Mattlin

Remordimiento by Hélène Valentina de Portu

Don’t Think You’re Calling Too Much by Wickham Boyle

Scherzo by David Landau

What Happened to My Mother by Paula Brancato

When Conrad Aiken Lived Upstairs by Kalman Applbaum

Soldier Red by Lauren Handman

Reunion by Walter E. Gourlay


Proceeds from Harvard Square Editions anthologies have also gone to Jubilee USA Network to break the chains of debt and feed children in over sixty countries. Jubilee works for responsible global lending practices and engages in public education, research, poicy analysis and advocacy.


Jubilee photo © Feije Riemersms



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Invictus Invictus



The Landmark Prize for Fiction finalist

Invictus, by L.L. Holt

A timely novel on how the young musician overcame prejudice to become an international phenomenon as the entire world celebrates the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth

L.L. Holt talks about her forthcoming novel, INVICTUS, on Joan Goldstein’s community TV interview show, “Backstory,” March 19, 2019. Hosted by sociologist and educator Joan Goldstein, the program will explore current issues of the day, both national and local, with guests invited for their expertise or particular viewpoints. One of the largest public producers of original content in New Jersey, Princeton Community Television (also known as Princeton TV and TV30) is a Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable TV channel in Princeton, New Jersey. Mon. at 7:00 am, Wed. at 8:30 pm and Sun. at 5:30 p.m., the station is carried on Comcast channel 30 and Verizon FIOS channel 45 in the Princeton, New Jersey area.


The year was 1770, the place, Bonn, Germany. A drunken father took his first look at his baby’s dark complexion and lost his temper. The mother insisted the child was his. This was the beginning of a youth filled with anxiety, prejudice, and uncertainty for young Luis. We know him as Beethoven.

Descriptions by neighbors and friends often begin, “He was black,” meaning darker than others, and therefore subject to discrimination in the German north. Was Beethoven black in contemporary terms? There is little doubt that the child, perhaps with Moorish roots, who grew up under the thumb of a domineering, alcoholic father, did not look like other members of his family, nor even his community. We may never know why.

Invictus, a new novel by L.L. Holt published by Harvard Square Editions, takes Beethoven’s otherness as a point of departure as it explores the child’s journey from birth to a series of setbacks in his 16th year. But the obstacles and catastrophes that the resilient child navigates are not the final word: we know how this story will end.

Invictus is woven through with several other themes rooted in the revolutionary age in which the boy lived. This was an age in which European scientists were exploring the notion of race and reason. While young Beethoven (known as “Luis” in this story) was growing up, a scientific experiment was taking place in Kassel, less than 200 miles away, in which Africans were kept without their permission and subjected to tests. Most eventually died in the cold northern climate. Yet, at the same time, there were other scientists who asserted that race as we think of it did not exist, and that truly, as Beethoven was to declare through Schiller’s Ode to Joy late in his life, “All men are brothers.”

Another theme is the rise and fall of the Illuminati, which originated in Germany and spread north. Beethoven’s childhood teacher, Christian Neefe (NAY fuh), was the head of the local Illuminati chapter, soon to be outlawed, with death a penalty for membership. Many believe the great composer was a Mason and Illuminati member, a position this book upholds and explores in scenes filled with intrigue and adventure.

Luis falls in love, gains a champion, and is sent to Vienna to expand his gifts in this fictionalized view of his early life seldom previously explored, but must return to parochial Bonn when his mother, the only person who truly loved him, is on the brink of death. She dies, his sister dies, his father sinks further into alcoholism. Yet, something stirs within his heart. And from the other side of history, we know his dreams have not been in vain.



by L.L. Holt
Release date: April 10, 2019
Genre: Historical novel
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-64-6


Praise for Invictus


“This book is spot on to the contemporary issues of today’s world. A blend of historic fact and fiction, Invictus tackles many of the big issues of our time: bigotry, bullying, and prejudice. The Beethoven we thought we knew is a pale shadow of the genius he became. Adversity helped ignite his extraordinary gifts, inspiring each of us to reach beyond obstacles to embrace our dreams. I loved this book and its message for today of courage, determination, perseverance, and hope.”

—Don Browne, Executive VP NBC Network News, ret., President of NBC’s Telemundo Network, ret.

“An absorbing novel about the young Beethoven and the circumstances that shaped his musical career. Especially interesting because it takes seriously the implications of 18th century racism and rumors about African ancestry in Beethoven’s family.”

—K.M. Reeds, historian of biology and medicine


“L.L. Holt captures an exciting time in history when revolution was in the air, and an intense debate about race and equality raged in universities, salons, and secret societies. Well-written and engaging.”

—Lina Genovesi, Ph.D., J.D.


“In Invictus, Holt makes precise references to Joseph Bologne, aka Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, whose life as an 18th century Black composer and swordsman in Western Europe is an important reminder that sometimes you have to excel in many different fields in order to survive. And still, the accomplishments can and will speak for themselves decades, centuries after the fact.”

—Le Chevalier de Saint Georges Facebook page administrator


“Invictus embodies the spirit of the Age of Revolution in this tale of a young boy breaking free from obstacles of poverty and prejudice.”

—Kairy Koshoeva, concert pianist


About The Black Spaniard by L.L. Holt:


In her wonderful new novel, L.L. Holt captures the dynamic magic of Beethoven and his music.  She is able to recreate the original sounds of Beethoven’s fingers on the piano as well as the nature of the characters who surrounded him in his climb to fame as one of the most original composers.

“This novel reimagines the surprising backstory behind Beethoven’s early years, bringing its scenes to life as only fiction can. The result makes for intriguing reading.”

—Winifred Hughes, author of The Maniac in the Cellar: Sensation Novels of the 1860’s


“Beethoven is a unique character and this book captures that quality. Great reading and informative background offer an experience that is both entertaining and educational. Ms. Holt deserves great accolades for this excellent novel on a highly engaging perspective of musical history.”

–Dr. David Ryback, author of Beethoven in Love

Top customer reviews from Amazon.com:

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable for readers of all ages!

“A fresh, entertaining view of Beethoven for young readers and adults alike. Told in semifictional style, it focus largely on his early triumphs in his twenties as the champion piano virtuoso of Vienna’s music scene. The ‘black Spaniard’ refers to Beethoven himself for his dark complexion and black hair. He’s called “Luis” instead of the German “Ludwig,” and he’s fairly likeable, his famous tantrums are toned down. We follow him through the onset of his tragic deafness and the composing of his heroic Third Symphony. In this story, the black Spaniard is the real hero.”




5.0 out of 5 stars A gripping tale of arrogance, dissolution, and redemption

“A gripping tale that turns the tables on our expectations about Beethoven. What, if as so many believe, he was Black? What if he was a revolutionary in the Illuminati and Freemasonry? What if the Immortal Beloved was someone we never expected? The novel blends factual information with flights of imagination and fancy to present a compelling portrait of the composer during a dozen years in which he first arrived in Vienna and learned he was losing his hearing at an alarming rate. An inspiring story for all who seek to overcome prejudice and oppression and never to surrender their ideals.” 

–Amazon Customer


5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth the read and comes from a great small press

“Holt’s book envisions the life of Beethoven in a way that I couldn’t have imagined myself. Definitely worth the read and comes from a great small press.”




More Novels by L.L. Holt:

The Black Spaniard (2016)

Written as Simone Marnier:

White Tiger, Green Dragon (2000)

Black Tortoise, Red Raven (2006)

Tigre Blanco, Dragón Verde (2007)


About the Author

L.L. Holt is a Humanities professor and author of The Black Spaniard, a novel about music (Unsolicited Press, 2016). She has a doctorate in Arts and Letters from Drew University and is a classical music critic and writer for the Broad Street Review in Philadelphia, Pa., and the Princeton Packet. Following a successful career in communications, she is devoting herself to writing about the inspiring power of music as well as topics relating to the new fascism, religious tolerance, and spirituality. Holt lives in New Jersey.


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One String Guitar
One String Guitar One String Guitar

One String Guitar

One String Guitar

One-String Guitar, a novel about the Rwandan

Genocide, eerily comes to life following the recent

tortures and killings in Burundi


One-String Guitar’s central topic of resiliency after the Rwandan Genocide hits center stage with the current killings in Burundi Following President Nkurinziza seeking third bid.

Ten years after surviving the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Francine tries to rebuild her life in Upstate New York where she befriends Elbe, the medical interpreter assigned to her—an adoptee in search of her roots on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Against the backdrop of the harrowing 100-day massacres of one million lives in Kigali and the revolution of the Lakota in 1972 on the res, One-String Guitar weaves a narrative of resilience, healing and ultimately, love.

The UN Commission on Human Rights recently announced that 230,000 in Burundi have sought refuge in other countries due to the killings, tortures, rapes and enforced disappearances in the last year.

“When I wrote One-String Guitar, I never thought ethnic cleansing would be taking place again so soon,” said de Vestel the author One-String Guitar.

The novel’s title—a reference to August Wilson’s Seven Guitars in which Hedley plucks a single string instrument to connect with the memory of his mother—urges us all to remain connected to the wisdom of our ancestors in order to avoid repeating the worst chapters of our history.

“But the reality is that there is always a genocide going on somewhere on our planet at any given moment,” de Vestel added.


Praise for One String Guitar

“Ten years after surviving the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Francine tries to rebuild her life in Upstate New York where she befriends Elbe, the medical interpreter assigned to her — an adoptee in search of her roots on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Against the backdrop of the harrowing 100-day massacres of one million lives in Kigali and the revolution of the Lakota in 1972 on the reservation, One-String Guitar by writer, performer and professor Mona de Vestl deftly weaves a narrative of resilience, healing and ultimately, love. It is interesting to note that the novel’s title is a reference to August Wilson’s Seven Guitars in which Hedley plucks a single string instrument to connect with the memory of his mother — urging us all to remain connected to the wisdom of our ancestors in order to avoid repeating the worst chapters of our history. While unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Contemporary Literary Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that One-String Guitar is also available in a Kindle format ($9.99).”

Midwest Book Review

“One String Guitar (Harvard Square Editions, 2016) weaves the histories of the Rwandan genocide and the 1973 Siege at Wounded Knee through two women’s stories—Francine, a survivor of the genocide who has resettled in upstate New York; and her medical interpreter, Elbe, who was born on a reservation and adopted by a white family. One-String Guitar follows their journeys to come to terms with their personal and generational trauma.

Apogee Journal

“Akin to Leslie Marmon Silko’s weaving, One-String Guitar is at once a personal, political and poetic novel, that draws the reader into lives beyond the borders of geography, culture, and even biology. de Vestel is a skilled storyteller, traversing multiple landscapes, and contending with the charged political consequences of genocide and complex intersections of class, race and queer identity. Her treatment of relationships is reminiscent of Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts: sensitive, revealing and finely-attuned. You won’t want to put One-String Guitar down.”

Amy King, Author of The Missing Museum


One String Guitar

by Mona de Vessel

Resiliency after the Rwandan Genocide

Release date: November 17, 2016
Genre: Fiction, Multicultural, Suspense
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-29-5


“One String Guitar is a revelation. It’s also a novel you should give yourself plenty of time to read so that you can savor its many depths, both personal and political. Earlier in her career, Mona de Vestel was a spoken word poet and performance artist of magnetic power, all her incandescence is right there on the page where you have been waiting for it all your life.”

—Nancy Keefe Rhodes, arts writer & editor

“Congratulations are in order, to Mona for the achievement, to the reader for the journey at hand. Here you will find a compelling narrative of grace rare in an inaugural work. This is a meticulously crafted text that still somehow manages to sprawl across characters, cultures, continents, and an impressive array of emotional registers. It is a sophisticated work, polished, crafted, deeply layered while never forgetting what makes literature literature – it is a good read, reeking of authority. The text facilitates unique character intimacy before reforging it in the horrific genocides of Rwanda and the First Nations without ever sliding into easy sentiment or sensationalism. This is a journey both disturbing and revelatory, and ultimately beautiful as only meaningful literature can be. This inaugural work establishes Mona de Vestel as a contender and true voice. This one she can be proud of. Forever.”

—novelist Arthur Flowers

“One String Guitar tells stories so embedded in sensations and rhythms of everyday consciousness that when it takes us across the boundaries of identities and cultures, we travel there with open hearts and minds.
From the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota, to the rust-belt Central New York town that becomes a refuge from the genocide in Rwanda, to the borderland of transgender identity, we are taken on a journey of pain but also of hope and love for these characters in crisis.
de Vestel is an astute interpreter of historical trauma, addiction, and mental illness who conveys an understanding of home and the notion of a socially-constructed family from the perspective of the displaced.

—Rebecca Garden, Associate Professor of Bioethics & Humanities, Upstate Medical University


Interview with Mona de Vestel



About the Author


Of mixed Belgian and African descent, Mona grew up in Brussels and later moved to the United States where she taught writing at the State University of New York (Oswego & Utica). Her memoir King Leopold’s Daughter is a finalist for Restless Books’ Immigrant Writing Prize. Her work explores the role of the ‘other’ in the marginalized voices of our world. She is currently at work on Trail of Light, a memoir about her quest for joy, healing, and the magic in her life. Mona now lives in Southern California with her family. For more info about the author, please visit: www.authormona.com

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Spiders & Flies
Spiders & Flies Spiders & Flies

Spiders & Flies

Spiders & Flies

Spiders and flies

Scott Adlerberg’s debut novel

An American fugitive in Martinique recovering from a six-hour marriage. A young woman who has a cat for a best friend. A wealthy couple who bicker so much they make solitary life seem irresistible and a yoga-practicing midget with lethal karate skills These are a few of the players at the heart of Spiders and Flies, the story of an abduction gone wrong. Set in the lush sun-drenched tropics, the novel captures the deepest fears and desires of the people drawn into the kidnapper’s web. A drama that unfolds with twisty suspense and dark humor, it sheds a skewed light on the notions of family ties, loyalty, deceit, and friendship.



Scott Adlerberg, February, 2019
on the set of
his new book/film TV show,
“Journey Into Darkness”


Praise for Spiders and Flies

Spiders and Flies

By Scot Adlerberg
Release date: November 5, 2012
Genre: Psychological Thriller; Noir
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-0983321651

“Scott Adlerberg is a terrific storyteller and Spiders and Flies belongs on your bookshelf.”

⎯Jason Starr, Anthony Award-winning author of The Craving

“Adlerberg’s Paul Raven is that rare kind of character – a predatory schemer we nonetheless can’t help but identify with through the many twists and turns this story takes him on. The Martinique setting provides a palpable, sensuous, and vivid atmosphere, making it almost a character itself. I was totally immersed from start to finish.”

⎯Larry Dark, Director of The Story Prize


About the Author



Scott Adlerberg lives in Brooklyn. This Martinique-set crime novel, SPIDERS AND FLIES (Harvard Square Editions, 2012), is his debut novel. Next came the noir/fantasy novella JUNGLE HORSES (2014), followed by the psychological thriller GRAVEYARD LOVE (2016). He is a regular contributor to sites such as Lithub and Criminal Element, and each summer he co-hosts the Word for Word Reel Talks film commentary series in Manhattan.His new novel, JACK WATERS, a historical revenge thriller, is out now from Broken River Books.

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In the Land of Eternal Spring by Alan Howard In the Land of Eternal Spring by Alan Howard

In the Land of Eternal Spring by Alan Howard

In the Land of Eternal Spring by Alan Howard

In the Land of Eternal Spring

by Alan Howard

A Most Anticipated Small Press Book of 2017!

A poignant love story and dynamic political novel on a period in our history that resonates today

Peace Corps Volunteer Laura Jenson has a lot in common with Peter Franklin, a Fulbright Scholar, whom she meets in Guatemala City in 1963. Both of them are inspired by JFK’s call to action for a new foreign policy that would help the poor and promote democracy. What they find, however, is the reality of America’s one-dimensional Cold War policies that got us into Vietnam and radicalized a generation. They fall in love as Laura becomes involved in Guatemala’s nascent revolutionary movement.

As the political situation in Guatemala erupts, Laura draws Peter into also supporting the revolutionary movement, and they begin working together clandestinely in the city and mountains. The tension builds as the government’s security forces close in on them and then trap them in a safe house.


Thursday, June 15th @ 7pm, Launch event/reading/signing, Newtonville Books, 10 Langley Road, Newton Centre, Newton, MA 02459

Wednesday, June 21st @ 7pm, Reading/conversation/signing, Home of Kate Linker and Bernard Tschumi, 227 W 17th St., 6th Floor, New York, NY 10011

Monday, July 17th @ 7pm, Reading/signing, Surf City Ocean Library, 217 S. Central Ave., Surf City, NJ 08008

Wednesday, July 19th @ 1pm, Reading/signing, Beach Haven Library, 247 Beach Avenue, Beach Haven NJ 08008


In The Land of Eternal Spring

by Alan Howard
Release date: June 15, 2017
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, International Intrigue, Literary Fiction
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-394


Praise for In the Land of Eternal Spring

Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2017: “Set in Guatemala in the 1960s, Howard’s novel about politics, idealism, regret and lost love is not only profoundly moving but also timeless in its resonance.”

Big Other

“Vivid and complex, this novel is a portrait of a very specific moment in history that feels just as vital today.”


“…Peter Franklin is a Fulbright scholar in Guatemala, conducting a study on the nascent literacy project. Revolution is in the air; the Cold War is escalating, and Peter has fallen hard for Laura Jenson, a Peace Corps volunteer who has become involved with the rebels…..the suffering, abuse, and oppression of the Guatemalan people give the story its emotional heft.”


“If Ernest Hemingway had written a novel about the Guatemalan civil war,
it may well have looked like In the Land of Eternal Spring.”

Peace Corps Worldwide

“This is a good read in the genre of young rich-world people off in a poor country getting into political trouble. But it’s also a touching love story, written from the 50-years-later perspective of a journalist (so we know he survived) filled with nostalgia…. Peter reminded me bit of Jay McInerny’s character in Bright Lights Big City: bad boy with a complicated and damaged but salvageable heart. The plot line of events, in this case sex and violence, are realistic but they are the beguiling surface over a strong romantic and sentimental – in a good way – undertow. I liked the scope of this author’s skill. 9.0/8.2”

John nan’s Reviews

“This novel, so beautifully written and deeply felt, reads like a haunting from a forgotten past. It captures, especially through the vividly rendered characters of its young American idealists and the choices they make, a precise moment when Guatemala—and much of Latin America—seemed balanced between two destinies. It makes you ache to go back in time and change the outcome.”

—Francisco Goldman, author of Say Her Name


“Alan Howard’s novel about idealism, violence, and love in 1960s Guatemala is timeless in its resonance. The political and the personal are brilliantly intertwined from the wry, sharp-eyed opening to the profoundly moving end.”

—Dawn Raffel, author of The Secret Life of Objects


“In the Land of Eternal Spring brings us back to an era, place and U.S. governmental policy involving the covert terrorizing of other peoples. It is an era now long forgotten by some, unknown by others. Alan Howard’s way with a story and his evocative prose render this tale believable in every detail, yet larger than life: hard as steel, tender as the wisest love, and once again a terrible premonition. I am immensely grateful for this magnificent novel.”

—Margaret Randall, author of Che on My Mind


“A remarkable love story and vivid portrait of the great dilemma of our times, our national priorities and beleaguered world…. I can’t remember when a tale so carefully and cleanly crafted, so understated and straightforward, has moved me so deeply at the end.”

—John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War


“This is a truly wonderful book…. The final pages will slam you and change
your political views forever.”

—David Mangurian, author of Children of the Incas


The Sand Paper

About the Author

Alan Howard has written for The New York Times Magazine, the Nation, Dissent, public television and labor union publications about workers and politics in the US and many other countries around the world. He was a Fulbright Scholar at San Carlos University in Guatemala, an International Fellow at Columbia University, the Latin American correspondent for Liberation News Service, and a national volunteer leader in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns of Barack Obama. His novella Hollywood Furs was short-listed for the 2011 Paris Literary Prize. In the Land of Eternal Spring is his first novel.

Author web site: https://www.alanhowardwrites.com

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Love, Life and Logic Love, Life and Logic

Love, Life and Logic

Love, Life and Logic

Love, Life, and Logic captures the individual struggle of a young man against the seemingly unnamed, unknown, anonymous power of the universe. In a shocking revelation of his innermost thoughts, the book depicts a painful account of his emotional turmoil arising out of his own confusions and dilemmas, and his personal developments through all that.

Rohan grows up in a middle class family in a small town in Goa, India. He asks himself many life questions like we all do every day. Is our life and death an end in itself, or do they have a much deeper implication in a gigantic universal process? Is each human life also someway connected to the chain of events unfolding every day in front of our eyes? We all have different thumbprints; but why? Are we all a part of big numbers game, or does each one of us really matter?

Chased by these and many such questions, Rohan leaves his lucrative job and his family in search of the truth. The journey gets complicated when he meets Adeline, a 23-year old vivacious girl in Vienna. Love, again? That brings him back to question his failed marriage. Is marriage an end of the road for love? Do all marriages come with an expiration date?


“In a fast-paced world filled with scars, broken vows, newfound commitments, and insecure relationships in the face of change, Rohan slowly uncovers new paths to understanding the greater universe at large. His journey neatly takes the reader’s hand and mind and leads to an engrossing tale of love and redemption, highly recommended for those seeking more than a casual romance story. Love, Life and Logic comes packed with thought-provoking mental and spiritual changes, in which the ultimate goal fluidly changes with better understanding.”

-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review


Love, Life and Logic

by Uday Mukerji
Release date: November 29, 2016
Genre: Fiction
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-941861-26-4

“Filled with Indian culture, this story is thought-provoking and is full of emotions.”

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“A fascinating, alluring book that is existential in nature and draws you into the conflict that Rohan is having as he questions himself what life is about but also has you turn the journey into one of your own.”

Books are Love

“It’s the search and the road leading to his final realization that makes this book insightful and thought-provoking.”


“If you like ruminating on important matters, you will find food for thought. Love, Life, and Logic is among my favourite five of 2016. Highly recommended!”

My Train of Thoughts…

“This is a very deep book, that will make you think about your own life”

Books and Movies: Reviews


“This is a surprising and delightful voyage of discovery that is easy to relate to. It is well written and a joy to read. It makes a wonderful read for anyone thinking about their direction in life, but is light enough to make a good holiday read.”



“If you want a book to help you reflect on the bigger picture of life, this may be the book for you…. Is marriage an end of the road for love? Do all marriages come with an expiration date? It’s the search and the road leading to his final realization that makes this book insightful and thought-provoking.”

He Said Books or Me

Interview with Uday Mukerji


About the Author

Uday Mukerji left his creative director’s job in advertising to pursue a writing career in 2009. After writing, re-writing, and deleting a few versions, and secretly burying two laptops, six years later, he is now ready to share his first literary fiction with you.

He was born in India, and had worked in Singapore for nearly twenty years. He loves to travel, and interact with people, not so much on FB or Twitter, though, but face to face, maybe with a cup of coffee. He is a nature lover and his concern for environmental protection also made him the editor of Singapore Environmental Technology Yearbook for ten consecutive years.

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