A Weapon to End War

A Weapon to End War
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A Weapon to End War


What if the foremost scientist in the field of nanotechnology and microrobotics decided to use his inventions to take our world leaders hostage and enact his own political agenda? Dr. J. Maurice Carpenter has worked for decades at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on a top-secret government project to develop a terrifying new breed of weaponry. Launching an attempt to take over the world, Carpenter implants microscopic robots in the bodies of the President of United States and his family members. The only hope for stopping Carpenter is a Los Angeles-based FBI agent named Bill Maddox, who is more accustomed to working simple narcotics cases than handling crises of such magnitude. In far over his head but determined to prove his worth, Maddox plunges into a labyrinth of danger, matching wits against an intellect far superior to his own. In doing so, he confronts a femme fatale and a technology potentially more deadly than any the world has ever witnessed. More frightening still, it is a technology that actually exists today.

“Ross is a powerful new voice on the thriller scene. He takes the best of Le Carre, Clancy and Ludlum and winds it up with a timely, riveting commentary on the sociopolitical threats that lie beneath the surface of the nightly news. You won’t be able to put this book down.”

—RIP GERBER, author of the best-selling thrillers PHARMA and KILLER VIRUS

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